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Student Leadership Council


Council Responsibilities:

As a council member, you will work closely with the Program Director and other council members to design, create, and implement a program that will inspire, uplift, educate, enhance, and contribute in a significant way, to both the program participants, as well as to the Nauvoo community. Council members will be given specific stewardships and responsibilities based on their interests, abilities, and talents. By design, these responsibilities will necessitate growth and require humility, vision, strength, and compassion.


Council members will serve as both a spokesperson and advocate for program participants. You will also assist in designing and creating digital and other materials to be displayed and distributed to current and future program participants. 


Once an application is received, all Leadership Council applicants will be interviewed by a member of the program staff, who will then meet with others on the administrative team to review each applicant. Though a resume is requested, a lengthy list of accomplishments is not the primary reason for selection. 



The Student Leadership Council is fully scholarshipped. This includes housing and meals.


Training and Supervision:

Council members will receive supervision and training from the Program Director, who will also be responsible for evaluating those involved in an internship if required. Others from the administrative team may also be involved with training.


Leadership Council Outcomes:

It is anticipated that each council member will achieve the following during the course of the semester:

  • Council members will gain a solid understanding of the importance of servant leadership as taught by Jesus Christ: 

  • Members will exhibit charity in dealing with sensitive situations.

  • Members will lead with humility, compassion, strength, and confidence in performing their council responsibilities as they plan, organize, and implement program events and activities.

  • Members will develop an increased knowledge of the tremendous sacrifice exhibited by the early saints as well as the significant good that can happen when communities serve and unite in a righteous cause.

  • Members will demonstrate increased confidence in leading out, leading up, and leading united in their service leadership.


Your contribution as a member of the Student Leadership Council will make a lasting impact on the program as you work with other council members, program participants, community members, and potential future students to guide and inspire by building a vibrant and ongoing Nauvoo Discovery Program.

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