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The Nauvoo Discovery Program - Over the river and through the woods to Missouri they go!

Updated: Apr 11

The Nauvoo Discovery Program Participants visit Adam-ondi-Ahman and Liberty Jail in Missouri
Adam-ondi-Ahman & Liberty Jail

Leaving early the morning of Friday, February 16, 2024, a determined little group of 15 plowed over hill and dale through an unexpected snowstorm en route to Church History sites in Missouri. Arriving nearly four hours later, they walked the sacred grounds of Adam-ondi-Ahman, changed into Sunday clothes at Liberty Jail, then headed to the Kansas City Temple for baptisms. The following day, the group returned to Liberty Jail and visited Independence, Missouri, the Far West Temple site, and Haun’s Mill millstone in Breckenridge, Missouri. They even enjoyed some time at the Kansas City Zoo! It was a quick trip but a powerful reminder of the tremendous sacrifice made by Joseph Smith and the early saints. (Contributed by Janine Green)

Nauvoo Discovery Program

Participant Reflections

Thomas Sheeran ~

“I thoroughly enjoyed our trip as a group to such sacred places as Adam-ondi-Ahman, Far West, and Liberty Jail. Having the ability to step into this holy ground helps you feel gratitude for what the Lord is restoring. It is impossible not to feel the spirit in the special places. I was especially touched as we walked through Liberty Jail and was able to imagine what happened there, and what Joseph Smith had the courage to endure. Even through tremendous suffering, and feeling alone and abandoned, he continue to turn to the Lord. This trip was important to help us all remember what work has been done before us to create a path closer to Christ, and what the Lord is bringing forth in the latter days. Going to the zoo was also a blast and many laughs were had there as monkeys tried to attack Janine.”

Mielee Prettyman ~

“This trip was a wonderful opportunity to learn about some of the amazing church history sites. The spirit these places held was amazing and I'm so grateful we got to experience it all. Spending time where the early saints had been is something everyone needs to experience.”

Jacquelyn Garfield ~

“The Missouri trip was really fun! When we got to Adam-ondi-Ahman, it was really cold, and the mud was slick and stuck to our feet. It just made me think of the saints and how they had to work out in this mud. The zoo was an adventure. I scared a tiger, and the jellyfish were really cute too. I would go on that trip again!”

Brandon Colvin ~

“Traveling to Missouri to visit the sites there and learn more about the saints from the first stages of the early church was a really neat opportunity. I feel my testimony was strengthened because of what I learned and experienced. Overall two thumbs up, would do again.”

Rachel Clayton ~

“Our Missouri trip was so nice! Adam-ondi-Ahman was so peaceful and beautiful. I love feeling the spirit of sacrifice given through the pioneers.”

Mary Roberts ~

“Traveling to Missouri with friends has been one of the most endearing experiences within the program. Having the opportunity to perform baptisms in the Kansas City Temple, witnessing the beauty of Adam-ondi-Ahman (despite its wintry and muddy terrain for the time we went), and touring other historical sites, such as Liberty Jail, Haun’s Mill, and Far West was such a wonderful experience! I love the historical and spiritual significance of these landmarks, and I adore the time spent with these lovely people!”

Lance Zabriskie ~

“The Missouri trip was such a roller coaster! Slippery roads, muddy slopes, and tensions running high. But with all of this, the spirit still shined through. I felt the spirit deep in my heart as we were able to experience Liberty Jail. I was able to witness the writing place of the verses that have carried me through my dark trials. In Independence, as I sat at the foot of the Christus, I was reminded of the unbarred love that my Heavenly Father has for me. All of this was punctuated by a blast at the zoo, and maybe some late-night Chick-fil-A.”

Wesley Graham ~

“We had a spiritually uplifting experience while visiting Liberty Jail in Liberty, Missouri. During our visit, we learned about the history involved with Joseph Smith, arriving and the events that followed. Discovering the Beauty of Nauvoo through other events that occurred made the Nauvoo Discovery experience more impactful.”

Janine Green ~

“I couldn’t help but think of pioneers as we drove our cars in a blizzard away from Nauvoo on the way to the Missouri sites. The minuscule hardship we experienced was nothing compared to what they experienced. The sacred sites touched me deeply. I love them.”

Maelyn Shepherd ~

“Missouri trip: Feeling the special spirit of the historic sites and learning more about the history of the church and all the sacrifices that were made for it is something I will cherish forever.”

Hanieh Malcolm ~

“The Missouri trip was an incredible adventure! Although I'd visited the Missouri sites in the past with my family, I found a greater appreciation and understanding of the sacred sites, learning from my peers and especially the Spirit.”

The Nauvoo Discovery Program Participants visit Missouri and enjoy the Kansas City Temple, An Elevator ride, Car rides, Eating out, and the zoo.

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