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Learn in Nauvoo

Your Studies

Design your experiences around your class schedule and expand your coursework to include your Nauvoo discoveries.

College Stident

Clubs & Organizations

One of the most engaging aspects of campus life is clubs and organizations. Join existing clubs with established calendars and events or propose a new club and help leave your mark on the Nauvoo Discovery Program for future participants!

College Students


We will be hosting seminars with local experts, historians, and academics to share the history, stories, and unique aspects of the area. 

Motivational Speaker


The Nauvoo Discovery Program offers a variety of awards for service participation and other experiences during your program. One of these is the Oliver Granger Award, inspired by a pivotal early saint for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. D&C 117:12-15

Presenting an Award


One benefit of the Nauvoo Discovery Program is working with your college or university to develop a research project based on the opportunities provided by the program. Dive deep into history, the area, or the stories of Nauvoo! There's definitely a unique story to be told.

Legal Research and Writing
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